Emoji + Custom fonts != Love

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So you’ve just added a fancy custom font to your application and you’re really happy with how it looks. You’ve created your awesome app, finished all the layouts and UI elements, and then based on some user input (entering a title for something, or a comment on a photo, or whatever your app does) you get some Emoji’s inside your perfectly sized UILabels.

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Welcome to the new iColdo website

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It took us more than five months of thinking, a lot of coffee drinking, strategy, planning, design, development and, of course, magic! Just joking about magic. There is no magic – at least involved here -, only hard work and motivation.

We pride ourselves with a fresh new website that is using the latest technologies, involving: mobile first responsive framework called Foundation, WordPress, jQuery and other front-end goodies.


New iColdo Website


Our website will be updated more frequently from now on, especially in the Articles section. You can also check our portfolio in the Work section, our Clients, the Services we offer, as well the people we need to work with in the Jobs section.

Also, you can contact us using the information in the Contact section or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

We thank you all for your visit. Feel free to submit your feedback at hello@icoldo.com and we hope you will enjoy the new site and come back often.