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Why Magento 2

The Next Generation eCommerce Platform

Magento 2 is the evolution of Magento's platform which was initially launched in March 2008.
The new and improved version provides a more powerful shopping experience for the consumer, an efficient tool for the merchandiser, a scalable foundation for the developer, and a flexible system for the designer.

Key Features
  • Completely Customizable eCommerce Solutions
  • Every Shopping Feature You Need
  • Intuitive & Easy To Use Administration Interface
  • Highly Scalable
  • Custom Checkout Or Different Approach Checkout
  • Responsive Design, Unlimited Possibilities
  • Flexible Content Management
  • Unlimited Integrated Solutions
  • Magento eCommerce Specific Environment Development
Performance & Stability

Magento 2 brings in extremely fast page load for home page, category and product pages, and check out process with the page caching and indexing functionalities.

Improved Admin

The new Magento Admin UI aids users in increasing their effectiveness through features like keyword search, expanding filters, custom views, drag and drop column reordering and configurable columns.

Heavy Traffic

Magento 2 can handle more than 250,000 orders per hour and maintains about 3.5 million page views per hour.

Fast Checkout

Magento 2 comes up with speedy checkout process, but it can do much better. We can give you some tips. Let’s talk!

Latest Technologies

Magento 2 is using PHP 7, MySQL 5.7 and it has additional support for Redis and Varnish. Contact us for details on how we can improve your solution.

Integrations & APIs

The Magento 2 web API framework offers its users the means to use web services to communicate with the Magento system. With API services one can integrate with CRM, CMS, create javascript widgets, and much more.

Who Trusts Magento

What We Offer

Magento Development Services That Drive Growth

We develop on Magento 2 fast and easy.
We're offering full services like the maintenance of your current website, migrating an existent solution to Magento 2 or developing a solution from scratch, complete with hosting services with our certified specialists.

Custom Magento Development

Do you want a truly customizable solution? As Magento Ecommerce development experts, we will help you build it in accordance with the latest ecommerce trends.

Design To Magento

Want more from design files? Get elegant designs with our stellar design to Magento development services.

Magento Responsive Design

Need device-neutral designs? Our Magento web development services ensure your store is accessible on every device, every OS.

Magento Integration

Integrate your magento store with various networks such as ebay, linnworks, epos and boost sales.

Support & Maintenance

Worried about support? Our team provides comprehensive support, no matter what the state of your project is.

Migration to Magento

Moving to Magento? Gain from the shift with better UX, improved SEO and a stronger platform to operate from.

How We Work

Our Approach: Flexible, Always Dedicated, Passionate & Curious

After more than 10 years of experience with software development we can deliver anything from a minimal viable product to a full scale enterprise system, with the working methodology that works best for you. Our experts are ready to offer Scrum, Waterfall or any other approaches that best suit your needs.


We want to fully understand your needs and requirements before implementing your project. We will make sure that our team will have all the information needed so we can deliver as soon as possible.

UX/UI Design

Once we have a clear idea of your requirements, we develop the design using our experience and our UX/UI experts. If you already have a design we will adapt to your resources if needed.

Develop & Test

The next step is to develop and completely test your project using industry standard development tools, automated testing, and an automated build process. Quality matters most, so we will develop and test with quality in mind.


From your point of view, the project really begins with deployment. This is the most important aspect of the whole process. We pride ourselves with thousands of deployments of projects, with experience on all fronts: installation, configuration and final performance.

Project Management & Delivery

In order to deliver results and to solve any project related issue you will have a dedicated Project Manager. Initial project planning, team management, defining early project risks and mostly any issue related to your project will be handled by our Project Manager.

Quality Assurance & Monitoring

Quality Assurance is very important for every project from the beginning. Our constant feedback loop and periodic retrospective meetings help us to constantly improve our methodology to meet and exceed customer's expectations.

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