Neon Strider is a futuristic arcade game, an Indie project and the first designed and implemented by our small team of developers. Inspired by the game play of the genres’ cult classics like Volfield and Qix, Neon Strider lets you assume the role of a space explorer whose aim is to chart unexplored regions of the Galaxy filled with dark matter.

Use your spaceship’s WIMP generator to chart the area and remove the dark matter while fighting through increasingly difficult levels against scores of enemies and do so with the aid of Power-Ups. Power-Ups are special abilities that once acquired will enhance your ships’ speed, provide you with armor or even stop time.

Play on two different game modes; Story, where you will progress through levels and face multiple enemy types or Survival where you can choose which type of enemy you want to face.

Select your preferred positioning of the touch screen controls and start fighting your way through different enemy types like the Splitter, Speeder or Killer.

Display your skill by reaching the Highest Score among your friends in either of the game’s difficulties and become the best Neon Strider there is.

If you’ve played games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Qix or Volfield or you want a challenge, it’s time to rekindle your love of retro games with Tron-like neon graphics in potentially endless levels with an ever escalating difficulty. Relax with a quick game in your coffee or lunch break or binge play it. If you’re on the bus/tram to work you can fill your time with space exploration!

Plan your strategy accordingly and achieve victory by charting 80% of the playing area.

Neon Strider, the fun, relaxing and challenging game where you can prove your worth:

• Embark on a dangerous journey to chart the unexplored parts of the Galaxy;
• Enjoy an exhilarating game play and good music;
• Test your mettle in endless levels with infinite replay value;
• Play the game on any Android device at your leisure;
• Relaxing and pleasant, appropriate for any age;
• Enjoy music from @adrop_aday.